About Socialvive

SocialVive is based on the national capital and aims to capitalize on the expertise of its digitally proficient team. We help our clients revive their social presence in the fast-growing digital arena. Complete attention is paid to the fact that Social Media is no longer an option but a necessity for a business to thrive.

Why Social presence is important for a Brand

Having a strong Social presence can help a company to a large extent. In today’s fast-growing digital scenario, just creating Facebook posts or posting tweets is not enough to develop a loyal customer base. As Social Media trends and algorithms keep changing every now and then, a brand needs to keep itself abreast and adopt new Digital Marketing strategies to raise brand awareness on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. and get the attention of the maximum audience. A company must answer some basic questions before venturing in the digital arena like where to start, which platforms to explore, which type of content to use and what is the target audience.

How SocialVive can help your Brand

SocialVive was founded with a vision to help brands, individuals, institutions or organizations revive their social presence and capitalise on the fastest and cheapest avenue for increasing engagement. We are a team of digital marketing experts committed to delivering the best solution for your brand. Social media provides loyal and quality customer base which leads to effective conversions. However, it also demands faster actions than websites, banners, print, TV, or billboards and this is where we come in to promote your brand on all social media platforms by devising effective digital marketing strategies. We tap in on capturing visitors’ attention and turn them into potential buyers or permanent clients hence generating leads and boosting Online Reputation of your brand. Backed by a thorough understanding of the online landscape we help create success stories by conveying the right message to the right audience at the right time.

Our Team

Our digital heroes have immense experience in managing social media platforms of some of the top Indian and international brands. The core team members have an average experience of over 4 years in the media industry & are specialized in executing a well strategized digital plan for any organization. Our team has helped many businesses in generating revenue through marketing on various social media platforms.


Address: C 260, Sector – 63, Noida UP

Phone: +91 9650266366