Display Advertising

What is Display Advertising as a Service?

Remember all those times when you wanted to place your business ad on a popular website, or you wanted to create ads that served more than texts. The times when you wanted you could create and run digital Ad Campaigns for your business that includes interactive media like images and video.
Display Advertising allows you to do exactly that and more. Perhaps the oldest type of advertisement which has been around for centuries as billboards, flyers, posters, print magazine and newspaper advertising, it has evolved into a far more powerful medium of advertising with the onset of a Digital World.

The core of any Display Ad is the Ad Network on which it runs. For Example, the Google Display Network also known as GDN, is a collection of more than a million websites, smartphone, apps, videos, blogs and other online destinations that show Ads.

It gives you the opportunity to reach more than 80% of all internet users worldwide in more than 30 languages and 100 countries or someone with very specific tastes and interests.

An advertiser’s ad on a “relevant” website/ App sums up the digital display advertisement. A display or a banner ad is typically an image with text also known as copy or a rich media ad where viewers can click and can be taken to the desired landing page on your business website. There are larger web banners and the cost for placing one is directly proportional to its size.
The internet has not only allowed for better and more exciting display ads through the use of rich media, but it has also allowed for streamlining of display advertising for greater ROI (Returns on Investment). Rich media, also referred to as interactive multimedia, allows for the incorporation of audio, animations and video in display ads.

Benefits of the Service

Targeted Advertising – Through Display Advertising, we can easily target the specific audience based on their browsing history and patterns which not only helps us in increasing traffic to our website but also increases the chance of someone clicking on the ad and converting at the same time rather than just paying a visit.

Brand Visibility – Suppose there is a website which talks about what is the correct posture to play different cricketing shots and suddenly the reader comes across a Cricket Bat manufacturer’s ad. Relevant, isn’t it? But beyond relevance, the ad also showcases the brand and thus making it visible on the correct platform.
Economical – Unlike the classical method of display advertisements such as print media or roadside banners, online display advertisement is way economical and also allows you to increase or decrease the budget as per the performance of your display campaigns.

How We Do It

Before a Display Network Ad is run, the size of the ad, the keywords it is to run on and the topics and interests of the people are being targeted by our Ad experts who have years of experience and have evolved with the system. At SocialVive, we found out the most effective sizes of a Display ad: the 336×280 large rectangle, the 300×250 medium rectangle, the 728×90 leaderboard, the 300×600 half page, and on mobile: the 320×100 large mobile banner.

Now, here relevance is the Key. We use this mode of advertisement not only to show up our ads on a relevant property but also to get an equally relevant traffic which in turn helps us to build our potential user base.

With more than 1 million online destinations to choose from, the display network gives you powerful new ways to reach people who want to hear your message. For more information about advertising on the display network or to talk about the optimization of your currently running Display Ads get in touch with us.