Search Engine Optimization

What Is Search Engine Optimization as a service

Have you ever wondered how to help more people find your business’s website? Well here at SocialVive we have a lot of experience helping clients successfully increase web traffic. One of the best ways to do this is through what’s called search engine optimization or SEO for short. The goal of this page is to give you a basic overview of how search engines work so you can better understand what search engine optimization or SEO is all about.
In Today’s World over 90% of people using the internet rely on Search Engines to find things.

When you search for something with google you get back a results page and there’s lots of stuff on it this shows you how many web sites google found that are probably relevant to what you’re looking for.

The Results will have two major parts, the Paid Results and The Organic Results, but people prefer clicking on the organic results as they seem to be impartial as compared to the paid results.

94% of people that use google only click results on this first page if they don’t find what they’re looking for instead of going to further pages, they will try using different queries.

Of The people who click on the first page 63% click on the first three results which is also termed as the Golden Triangle.

Benefits of the Service

This is why optimizing your website for search engines or doing SEO is so important. When people search for something that’s relevant to that and they see your website in the search results they’re going to click and visit your page and these aren’t just any visitors these are people that are looking for exactly what you offer. So of any one they’re the most likely to convert into customers, subscribers etc.
But if your website isn’t showing up towards the top three results or so or if it isn’t even on the first page it’s almost like your website doesn’t exist.

How We Do It

If you are wondering why your competitors website is ranked above your and are not able to understand the reason, this is what is happening. Google decides to rank any webpage on an algorithm that gives a Pagerank to the Web Page. Overall there are 200 ranking factors that google considers before ranking a page but these are the most major ones. They look at if your website’s content is optimised for the keywords that you want to rank for and second whether is it relevant to the query potential customers are typing using that particular keyword.
At SocialVive our SEO Process is Segregated into Two Major Sections. First is the On- Page SEO, where we ensure your website is optimised for the keywords you want to rank for and other technical features of the site. The Second Component is called as Off- Page SEO where we work to create backlinks to your site from other relevant websites.

Both these processes are followed while maintaining the best practices of Search Engine Optimization to help you and your business get higher ranks in google.


We focus on Google a little more because about 83% of people worldwide use it.
CTA: SEO is super important because it helps you move to the top of relevant search results and since almost everyone relies heavily on search engines to find anything online SEO is the most effective way to increase targeted traffic to your site. Good SEO takes time so the sooner you start the soon you move up the results ladder. To learn more about SEO stay tuned with us as we will be coming out with a lot more content, how to guides and white papers on the topic. To know how to grow your business with SEO submit your queries on our Contact Us Page or feel free to give us a call, we have SEO specialist standing by to help you.