Your Social Media Ads Investment

Know why you should double your Social Media Ads investment in the first quarter.
It’s mid of February, while at this time most organisations are still figuring out on the marketing strategies and budget for the New Year and miss on the opportunity to target customers on Social Media. For smart organisations, it is the right time to step up their Social Media Marketing and take advantage of the advertising Lull in early 2017.

Research shows that after spending heavily on ads during festive season i.e. November and December there up to 40 percent drop in advertising costs during January and February. So the first quarter of the year is the right time to get ahead by grabbing the opportunity where there is less competition for shopper attention as well as lower costs.

So let’s look at some quick ways to advertise on social media channels and boost sales by enhancing reach right in the beginning of the year!

Look back at the festive audience
Many brands just focus on festive season sales but not all hope is lost after Diwali. Many shoppers opt to buy gifts after the festive season ends in hope of getting off-season deals.
So a brand shall always be prepared to use data about those who engaged with their ad content pre-festive season in order to retarget ads after the festive sales rush. Brands can also use internal inventory data to inform their ad campaigns and create specific ads to sell out the inventory that is still available or discounted.

Let’s snap it
With more than 100 million daily active Snapchatters viewing 10 billion videos every day, Snapchat is new but promising platform which offers delightful and engaging content.
Snapchat could offer the great opportunity to brands whose target audience are 18-24 year olds as Snapchat has seventy per cent of 18-24-year-old as their users.

Snapchat has provided brands with a unique opportunity to finally capture their attention of this target group as it has always been very difficult to reach this demographic with ads.
Recently Snapchat has announced self-service advertising making the process more accessible for advertisers.

Focus on TV
Quarter one is always full of many TV moments. The Filmfare Awards, Oscars, Roadies are on the calendar for the next few months, and brands should be prepared to take advantage of these moments in time.

Not only are the viewers of these events engaged, but it makes it easy to target the right psychographics by tying ads to events.

This New Year, Brands can experiment with Twitter Amplify and link pre-roll ads to some of the most popular TV moments. Not only can advertisers promote relevant ads in real time, but by using 15- to 30-second videos, they can advertise content that has the potential to be more memorable.
Enhance reach of ads.

Brands invest significant resources in developing ads for Facebook but they don’t realise that the same ads can be used on Instagram especially after looking at the continued growth of the platform. As Instagram has recently validated its presence as a mainstream advertising channel after announcing 600 million users and 500,000 advertisers.

Last year Instagram has made it possible for its ads to be vertical which made them more clickable. This helped brands in enhancing their ad performance by getting two bites of the apple with their Facebook ads and run them again on Instagram.

This tactic could be further leveraged by embedding Facebook’s Automated Placement feature, which gives Facebook the power to put your ad wherever it can get you the most efficient performance.
So this New Year, Brands can reap benefits from the increasing growth of Instagram by testing ways to reach their audiences on Instagram.

Brands can very well leverage on all these strategies this New Year and give a kick-start to sales figures. So get going and reap benefits Social Media Marketing to boost sales and improve brand image.