WhatsApp’s New Status Feature

Know how to use WhatsApp’s new Status feature which lets users upload photos and videos to their contacts. WhatsApp Status is the new...

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Emotional Analytics Can Help A Brand Win

Emotional Analytics can help a brand win not just over the mind but heart of its customers. Today brand communication has moved away from...

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Your Social Media Ads Investment

Know why you should double your Social Media Ads investment in the first quarter. It’s mid of February, while at this time most...

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Digital Marketing India

10 Reasons Why Digital Marketing is Compulsory for Your Business.

Consider a shop in a posh area in Gurugram which has a population of about 1 Million. Now, Let's be optimistic and consider the shop can...

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Digital Marketing With Video

How a brand name placement in song lyrics impact its sales

Promotion of brands in songs is nothing new, and it has been an in thing to do. Either brand(s) is placed in the middle of the song or...

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Socialvive Happy Dewali

How to Celebrate Noiseless, Pollution Free &Eco-Friendly Diwali

Diwali is known as the festival of light and happiness also it holds an important place for the Indians. Since the traditional era, people...

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11 Podcasts about Big Things in PPC

PPC offers a positive impact on business and brands, in short, it is a type of marketing in which the marketer pay each time when one of the...

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