1. Reach- Let’s compare Grapes with an Ostrich’s Egg.Why digital Marketing is Compulsory for business

Consider a shop in a posh area in Gurugram which has a population of about 1 Million. Now, Let’s be optimistic and consider the shop can reach out to 50% of the population that gives us a reach of about half a million. Needless to say that a shop can be a buying point for a specific geographical area.
On the other hand, digital presence can shatter the geographical aspect of a shop. Talking about the customers on the internet, there are more than 3 billion active internet users in the world who can access your business via any digital medium. Assuming a business based in India, The Total Reach is still 400 Million active Users out of the 3 billion people worldwide, well that’s Humungous!

2. Cost- They Spent a million in making it representable, We did it in thousands.Why Digital Marketing is compulsory for Startups

A mere 983 sq.ft outlet in a metropolitan city such as Bangalore can cost a whooping sum of INR 50 Lakhs. Now that’s only the space cost, let’s suppose the infrastructure that we build in the outlet costs only 5 Lacks to be optimistic, the total sum of a working outlet goes out to INR 55 lakh.

On the other hand, Let’s say Socialvive can build you a much better online outlet at, well let’s just say, much much lesser price which can entertain numerous customers at once without any space crunch.
You can contact us for the pricing details 😉

3. 24×7 Service- Time is money and money shouldn’t be wasted.Compulsory reasons for a business to opt Digital Marketing

By being present on Digital Media, a businessperson can run a business 24×7 from any location via their gadgets and service customers who are thousands of miles away from the store.
And the best thing- they can drink beer on duty as if no one was watching 😉

4. Information Broadcasting- Explain it Loudly without Stuttering.Why Digital Marketing Is Compulsory for Brands

There are many businesses with a look and feel of a normal one, but pack some serious punch by offering exclusive services. Now by being present on the internet, you don’t have to repeat your USP a thousand of times and to each customer, as you can easily communicate them via your internet marketplace such as a website. More interestingly, you can also record feedbacks of your customers and showcase them permanently on your website, thus making your business the ultimate choice.

It’s better to concentrate on expanding the business and let our website and customer defend us.

5. Right Product for the Right People.- Let’s not sell diaper to bachelor’s, it can scare the hell out of them!!

Why Digital Marketing is compulsory for Business owners

The classical method of marketing has been going door to door and showcasing products. Apart from all the geographic research, the salesmen run frequently into situations where they knock the wrong doors and waste their energy and time.

Going digital would not only ensure an enormous reach but also makes sure that the people we are showcasing our products to are not completely irrelevant.

The gentleman wanted to sell some movie cassettes, but we don’t have a VCR.

6. Market your business at a cost of 2 plates of Momos.

Why Digital Marketing is Compulsory for your Business

Having an outlet is one thing but marketing your business is another and is undoubtedly the most important exercise. Again, there are very expensive offline activities which are not only complex but are also unpredictable at times.
For Example, presenting a pamphlet describing the business to an irrelevant customer does not only kill your valuable time but also wastes the money which has gone in making that pamphlet.

On the other hand going digital, not only gives us the opportunity to find the relevant customer to push our message to, but also allows us to do it in the least expensive manner with an additional feature of recording the reactions and feedbacks of a potential customer about the business.
Digital platforms like Facebook allows us to run a campaign at a cost of just INR 100/day.
Well, that’s way cheaper and effective at the same time.

7. Let’s talk about numbers and not assumptions.

Why Digital Marketing is Compulsory for Business Owners

Can you keep a track of the number of people who entered your business outlet in a week and how many of them were unique?
Yes, you definitely can but it can be done either by monitoring the shop by a CCTV or by maintaining a directory every time someone enters a shop. The former exercise can be really difficult for the businessmen and the later exercise can irritate the customers. Now having said that, exercises like keeping a track of the visitors is very important as it helps us to find our potential customers.
On the other hand, by going digital, you can easily keep a track of your store’s traffic along with the sales trend and numerous data-driven pointers.
The best part is you can also reach out to the people visiting your internet marketplace on a regular basis with a customized message. These facilities give you a chance to evolve as a business with data acting as a fuel.

8. Save Trees.- We need them more than humans.

Why Digital marketing is Compulsory for Entrepreneurs

Going Digital would not only help you to manage your business properly and efficiently but also allows less paper usage. So you can excel in your field keeping the Environment intact.

Here are it’s effects in Turkey
In 2008, as a result, 2.6 million signatures [and initials] were not scribbled on paper in 54,214 transactions, thus saving 1.9 million pages of A4 size paper… weigh[ing] 9.4 tons. This amount saved the felling of [approximately] 1,600 trees, which equals 8 square kilometers of forestland. It also prevents 3,382 tons of greenhouse gas from being released into the atmosphere.
Now, that’s a convenient and a wise reason to choose digital.

9. Hire platforms like Facebook and Google as your helper, Let them show your product to the customers.

Why Digital Marketing Is Compulsory for a Business

There are more than 1 billion monthly active users on Google worldwide and India has 425 Million active users

On the other hand for facebook there are more than 1.86 billion active monthly users worldwide and India has more than 195 million active monthly users
Now, that’s a great reason to hire them as your helper ;P

10. Make money out of your Online Shop- Allow Ad exchanges to show ads on your Website at your own terms.

Why Digital Marketing Is Compulsory for New Businesses

That’s interesting, right?

You can make money on the basis of traffic you receive, from your website by the help of different Ad exchanges and tools like Adsense at your very own terms by displaying ads of advertisers from a different domain on your website.

If you wish to put in action any of the above reasons to take your business Digital and need help in the steps that follow. Feel free to connect with us and one of our representatives will get in touch with you shortly.

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