Will Twitter Cuts off API Access to Follow/Unfollow Spam Dealers Ever Rule the World?


Every day, people come to twitter to see what’s happening. One of the most important fact is to focus on improving the health of conversations on Twitter is ensuring people have access to credible, relevant, and high-quality information on Twitter.

Social media marketers react to Twitter’s new rule proscribing immediate tweets with identical content across multiple accounts.

Twitter has been making constant efforts to create their platform as relevant as possible. They were testing to point out the most effective tweets on the timeline.

Twitter is aiming increasingly on proactively identifying problematic accounts and behavior rather than waiting until we receive a report. Their main focus is to develop machine learning tools that identify and take action on networks of spam or automated accounts automatically.

Twitter protecting the health of conversation on its platform from greedy spam services. It is trying to prevent companies and sketchy individuals from selling fake followers or follow/unfollow spam via Twitter ads or tweets.

For the first time twitter has announced that it is stepping up its fight against notification spammers. Earlier, the functionality of three of these services — Manage Flitter, Status brew, Crowd fire — ceased to perform as noticed by social media consultant Matt Navarra.

They have suspended these 3 apps for having repeatedly desecrated the API rules associated with hostile and curb spam. As a vicinity of committing towards a healthy platform, they tend to focus on providing to reduce the spam and abuse originating from the use of Twitter’s API’s. They have introduced to stop these apps to operate since they’ll no longer programmatically interact with Twitter to follow or unfollow or take alternative actions.

Twitter is limiting the number of API calls that can be made in an hour, which should act as a spam deterrent in some cases but in others will mean that anybody who wants to pull real-time analytics out of the Twitter firehouse will need to work with the company more closely. Every app accessing Twitter’s API must be authenticated.

Desperate to gain an audience, users pay services to rapidly follow and unfollow tons of people in hopes that some will follow them back. The services can either automate this process or provide tools for users to generate this spam themselves.

Twitter’s policies specify that individuals who follow and unfollow accounts in an aggressive or indiscriminate manner will be a violation of the Twitter Rules.” This is to prevent a ‘tragedy of the common scenario. These services and their customers exploit Twitter’s platform, worsening the experience of everyone else to grow these customers’ follower counts.

Twitter declared that they would be releasing a new API for developers to create use of in their applications. Most third-party clients will have a lot more than 250 active users, so this is effectively the death knell for any independent app developer or small company looking to make a beautiful new Twitter client.

Twitter is guarding the usage of its API to create a certain official application is the best way to use its service. When the company controls access to its API there’s little that users or developers can do about it, save for abandoning the service altogether.