Know how to use WhatsApp’s new Status feature which lets users upload photos and videos to their contacts.

WhatsApp Status is the new feature which lets users upload photos and videos for their contacts to see, instead of a simple text-based status message.

The feature is live on Android, iOS and Windows smartphones across the world.
On iOS, Status has its own tab on the extreme left at the bottom, followed by Calls, then Camera in the middle, followed by Chats and then Settings. On Android, the tabs are ordered like this: Camera, Chats, Status and then Calls.

Here is a quick guide on how to use WhatsApp status.
Firstly you need to update your WhatsApp to the latest version, in the updated version you will see a Status tab on the top bar, below which there will be your friends’ new updates and viewed updates.

Click on the new update button on the bottom right corner which will open the camera and update your new status. You can also take help from your recent, videos and GIFs which you will find just at the bottom. So you can either click a photo or hold for video or add an existing item.
Once updated, you can tap on the status tab and see how many people have viewed your status. There are also options to delete or forward the status. You can also reply to your friends’ updates by swiping up.

WhatsApp has introduced privacy settings as well to control who can see your status. If you click on the three-dot menu on the top right, you’ll see an option called Status Privacy. Under this menu you can choose all, ‘my contacts except’, or ‘only share with’ options to control status sharing.

Remember that all these updates will last for only 24 hours and disappear after that.